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Are annual discounts for Warp’s Team plan available?

Yes. If you subscribe to a Warp Team plan for the year, you benefit from the discounted rate of $22 per team member per month instead of $25 per team member per month.

Are there any Warp discounts for students, non-profits, or open-source teams?

At this time, Warp does not offer any discounts for students, non-profits, or open-source teams. We recommend checking out Warp’s Free plan which includes all of the core terminal features.

What payment options are available for the Warp Team plan?

Warp uses Stripe for payment processing and the only available payment method is by credit card.

Warp cannot currently accept payment by ACH, cash, check, money order, or crypto-currency.

How often do AI request limits reset?

Allotted AI requests refill every 30 days from your signup date. When you upgrade to a Team plan, you will be given a higher request limit immediately. You can follow along with your refill period by referencing the counter on your Warp AI panel.

How can I subscribe to a Warp Enterprise plan?

Warp offers an Enterprise plan with custom pricing for larger engineering organizations or businesses with advanced security and compliance requirements. If you are interested in learning whether an Enterprise plan might be the best fit for your team, please contact us to kick off a conversation.

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