June 11, 2021

Our general philosophy is complete transparency and control of any data leaving your machine.  This means that in general any data sharing is opt-in and under the control of the user, and you should be able to remove or export that data from our servers at any time.

Terminal sessions obviously contain a bunch of potentially sensitive information and we want the absolute minimum sent to our servers necessary in order to provide you with the best possible experience.

Note that this page does not contain our official privacy policy - for that please see this pdf that basically says the same thing in much less readable legal language.

Our product

Our product is a fully-native, local app and runs fine with no internet connection whatsoever (although you will lose some of our cooler features).  By default we are not doing any processing of your terminal session on our servers.  

For our closed beta only, there are a couple of required things sent to our server (login email, crash-reports, telemetry - see below for details), so if you aren’t comfortable with that, please wait for our open launch.  

When we do an open launch these will be opt-in like the rest of our cloud features, but for now we require them to control the spread of the beta and make the product better.

Our business model

Our business plan is to try and create a terminal that is so useful that businesses will be willing to pay for its features and productivity gains.  For now the app is totally free for individuals.

Our business model is not about collecting and monetizing any of your personal data.

Open source

Our plan is to eventually open-source the Rust client code and some related projects (completion, UI framework), however we are not ready to do so just yet.  The server portion of Warp will remain closed-source for now.


Command input, output, and keystrokes

None of this is sent to our servers by default. Unless you specifically choose to use a cloud feature (just Block Sharing for now), you can feel completely comfortable that no data is being uploaded in the background (except for telemetry and crash reports during the beta).


When we do launch publicly, login via Github will not be required.

Right now, in our closed beta, we require a user login in order to access Warp.  This just gives us access to the email associated with your Github account.


When we do launch publicly, telemetry will be opt-in and anonymous.

But for our closed beta, we do send telemetry by default and we do associate it with the logged in user because it makes it much easier to reach out and get feedback when something goes wrong. 

We collect:

  • crash reports so we can fix bugs
  • aggregate data on which features are being used and how they are being used so we can improve them.

We use Sentry for crash reporting and Segment for telemetry.

We do not store any data from the command input or output itself as part of our telemetry.

Examples of telemetry are things like:

  • User created a block
  • User generated a block sharing link
  • User created a new tab

If you don’t feel comfortable with us storing this telemetry, please wait for our public launch. When we launch publicly we will put what telemetry we send under user control.

Block Sharing

We have a feature called “block sharing” that allows users to create shareable permalinks to commands and their outputs.  If you choose to use this feature, then we do store the input and output for the specific command encrypted on our servers.

For now, the permalinks are viewable by anyone with the link. In the future, we will allow users to restrict viewing permissions to specific warp users or users from specific domains.

Other features

All of our other features (e.g. better completions) are currently client-side only and do not send anything to our servers.

We will keep this document up to date as we add more features.


If you have any questions about any of this, please don’t hesitate to reach out at