Re-creating the command line to be more useable, humane, and powerful for everyone

Our Ethos

The command line is both incredibly powerful and annoyingly hard to use.

Master it and gain super-powers: from controlling your cloud systems, to manipulating local files and programs, writing quick workflows and's a developer's swiss-army knife.

Despite its power, it's a very hard tool to master.  It has a notoriously steep learning curve - it doesn't work like other tools, nothing in it helps you learn how to use it well, it's very easy to make destructive mistakes, and so on.

Many developers avoid it for these reasons.  But for those who do learn how to use it well, they become much better at development and devops. Mastering the CLI lets you work faster with your existing tools, and increases their power because a keyboard driven, repl-style interface has many advantages over GUIs.

At Warp, our goal is to re-create the command line as a modern app, making a more usable, humane and, ultimately, more powerful CLI for everyone.

Check out this post from our founder Zach Lloyd on why he started Warp.


Our small but growing team has helped create, design, and build some of the most popular productivity tools in existence at companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Dropbox.

Zach Lloyd
Founder , CEO

Past: Principal Eng at Google Docs, Co-founder / CTO at SelfMade, Interim CTO at TIME.

Michelle Lim
Growth Lead

Past: Intern at Slack, Facebook and Robinhood, KP Fellow, Yale Alum.

Aloke Desai
Software Engineer

Past: Senior Engineer / TL at Google Docs, Pomona Alum.

Kevin Yang
Software Engineer

Past: Intern at Linkedin and Microsoft, Minerva Schools at KGI Alum

Zheng Tao
Software Engineer

Past: Engineer at Dropbox, Gem, Waterloo Alum.

Chuck Pierce
Software Engineer

Past: Staff Tools Engineer at LinkedIn, UI Engineer at Sony, Volta Maintainer.

Elvis Kahoro
Developer Experience Engineer

Past: Intern at Facebook, Pomona College, Erdos #2.

Roshan Fernando
Chief of Staff

Past: Engineer #1 at Sympto Health, Intern at DoorDash, Xbox.

Ian Hodge
Software Engineer

Past: Engineer at Facebook, Stanford Alum.

Suraj Gupta
Software Engineer

Past: Intern at Snowflake, Waterloo Alum.

David Stern
Software Engineer

Past: Staff SWE / TL for YouTube Live Interactivity, Brown Alum.

Jess Wang
Developer Advocate

Past: SWE at Doordash, SWE at Microsoft, Harvey Mudd Alum.

Audrey Koh
Talent Lead

Past: Recruiter at Airtable, UC Berkeley Alum.

Danny Neira
Support Engineer

Past: Technical Support Engineer at VMware.

Zach Bai
Software Engineer

Past: SWE at YouTube Shorts and Google Ads, Harvard Alum.

Jack Nichols
Software Engineer

Past: Intern at Apple, Stanford Alum.

Andy Carlson
Software Engineer

Past: Engineer at Instagram, UC Berkeley Alum.

Rob Jones
Product Designer

Past: Product Design at Meta, Compass, Pivotal/VMWare/Cloud Foundry, Microsoft

John Rector
Head of Engineering

Past: VPE at Dialpad, Sr. Director at Reddit.

David Melvin
Software Engineer

Past: Engineer at The New York Times, SeatGeek, Intern at Facebook, Instagram, Princeton Alum.

Daniel Peng
Software Engineer

Past: Engineer at Gem, Waterloo Alum

Ben Navetta
Software Engineer

Past: Engineer at Twitter, Brown Alum.

Melanie Crissey
Product Marketing Manager

Past: Netlify, FullStory

Noah Zweben
Product Manager

Past: SWE at Bowery Farming. HBS Alum.

Lucie le Blanc
Software Engineer

Past: SWE at Kalshi, intern at Google, Reddit and Tilt, Barnard/Columbia Alum.

Jeff Lloyd
Software Engineer

Past: Staff SWE at Square, SWE at Splunk. Stanford alum.

Abhishek Pandya
Software Engineer

Past: Intern at Amazon, Penn Alum.

Join us

We are a company run by developers, building a core product for all developers. We are product-first engineers, which means we are constantly focusing on the user-experience, and make all of our engineering choices with the goal of building the best product we can for our users. Warp is fully-remote, with an optional office in New York City.

A group of people smiling in nature

Backed by top venture funds and operators

along with our passionate investors
Dylan Field
Dylan Field
Co-Founder and CEO, Figma
Elad Gil
Elad Gil
Early Investor in AirBnB, Pinterest, Stripe, and Square
Jeff Weiner
Jeff Weiner
Executive Chairman and Ex-CEO, LinkedIn
Marc Benioff
Marc Benioff
Founder and CEO, Salesforce
Sam Altman
Sam Altman
Co-Founder and CEO, OpenAI

Experience the power of Warp

  • Write with an IDE-style editor
  • Easily navigate through output
  • Save commands to reuse later
  • Ask Warp AI to explain or debug
  • Customize keybindings and launch configs
  • Pick from preloaded themes or design your own