warp drive

The fastest way to find the right commands

Warp Drive is a space in your terminal where you can securely save and share commands as workflows.

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Boost personal productivity

Save important commands, arguments, and values so you can re-run them on-demand.

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Streamline team onboarding

Share the commands your team uses to set up environments or run tests.

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Respond to fires, faster

Quickly run your most mission-critical commands from your open terminal. No need to copy / paste from wikis, docs, or READMEs.

Find and run the right commands

Search to run commands

Document your commonly used commands so you can search them by name and description. No more hunting for `script.sh`.

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Autofill parameters with ease

Create named arguments with descriptions and default values. Easily cycle through and adjust from the input editor.

Warp drive creation flow
Contents of the Warp Drive are securely stored and encrypted at rest. Learn more →

Sync updates in real time

Start up faster when you switch computers

When you open Warp, your personal workflows will be available whether you’re on your personal machine or your work laptop.

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Push changes to your whole team

When somebody saves a change to a workflow in your shared drive, it updates instantaneously for everybody with access.

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“Since we’ve moved our library of aliases over to Warp, we can run them directly in the terminal without using tools — and they always stay up-to-date.”
– Mihir Garimella, CEO and Co-founder, Actively


Leave your old wikis and READMEs in the dust with shareable notebooks. Run commands directly from documentation.

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To the future

Home to a whole universe of objects

Today, Warp Drive is a unified place for all the commands you need to save and run. We’re already imagining the types of things you’ll be able to save there tomorrow: environments, secrets, sessions, and more.

Tell us what you’d like to save in your Warp Drive →


How much does Warp Drive cost?

Warp Drive is free for up to five team members. Warp Drive for teams is in a free preview, after which teams will be billed $12 per member per month. There are no hard limits on storage size or the number of objects you can store. Check out the pricing page to learn more.

Can I import or export workflows from Warp Drive?

Every workflow is saved in a standardized data file format. In the future, you’ll be able to import and export workflows as .yaml files. Learn more about file formats for workflows.

Does Warp Drive work locally?

When you’re offline, Warp Drive will continue to work in read only mode. You must have a connection to the internet to create new workflows, update existing workflows, or sync updated workflows from a shared team drive.

Where are Warp Drive contents stored?

Objects, like folders and workflows, saved in the Warp Drive are securely stored in the cloud and encrypted at rest. Learn more about Warp’s approach to privacy and security.

What is the difference between a workflow and an alias?

They’re similar! You can think of workflows in Warp as parameterized aliases you can share. Compared to aliases, it’s also easier to document and search for workflows. 

Experience the power of Warp

  • Write with an IDE-style editor
  • Easily navigate through output
  • Save commands to reuse later
  • Ask Warp AI to explain or debug
  • Customize keybindings and launch configs
  • Pick from preloaded themes or design your own