Our small but growing team has helped create, design, and build some of the most popular productivity tools in existence at companies like Google, Adobe, and Dropbox.

We are passionate about making a more usable, humane and, ultimately, more powerful CLI for developers and their teams.

Zach Lloyd

Founder and CEO

Past: Principal Eng at Google Docs, Co-founder / CTO at SelfMade, Interim CTO at TIME.

Shikhiu Ing

Founding Designer

Past: UX Lead / Manager at Google Docs, Designer at R/GA and Adobe.

Michelle Lim


Past: Intern at Slack, Facebook and Robinhood.  KP Fellow, Yale Alum.  

Aloke Desai


Past: Senior Engineer / TL at Google Docs. Pomona Alum.

Kevin Yang


Past: Intern at Linkedin and Microsoft. Minerva Schools at KGI Alum.

Zheng Tao


Past: Engineer at Dropbox, Gem. UWaterloo alum.

Chuck Pierce


Past: Staff Tools Engineer at LinkedIn, UI Engineer at Sony, Volta Maintainer.

Agata Cieplik


Past: Infrastructure software engineer at Dropbox.

Elvis Kahoro

Developer Experience Engineer

Past: Erdős Number 2, Research at Emory, Intern at Facebook. Pomona alum.