12 Favorite Features Warp Shipped in 2023

From announcing our Series B funding round to being used at OpenAI’s DevDay keynote, 2023 was a monumental year at Warp. To celebrate, we’re looking back at our favorite features we shipped last year! 

Stay until the end for some sneak previews for 2024 as well 👀

Warp AI

The days of switching back and forth between your terminal and ChatGPT are over. A fully integrated AI assistant now lives in Warp! With Warp AI you can receive step-by-step guidance on what command to run next when debugging and coding (even through tasks as terrifying as database migrations). No need to copy-and-paste either – you can click the command to directly execute it in your terminal.

Bonus: AI command suggestions got a glow up too! Simply by typing # on the command line, Warp AI will suggest commands for you to run based on your inputted prompt/question.

Warp Drive

Tired of saving terminal commands in one giant, messy document, then constantly messaging individual commands to your teammates? 

You’re not the only one. With the arrival of Warp Drive, you can now collaborate with your teammates inside the terminal for the first time ever. Save your team’s most frequently used commands as Workflows. Similarly, you can streamline your own productivity by saving Workflows in your personal space too.

Block Filtering

grep walked so block filtering could run! Using the filter icon in the top right corner of a block, you can now quickly focus on a subset of the output by filtering via plaintext or regex. This is especially useful for parsing through logs, even as a process is still running. We’ve also added the option to control how many lines show up when you filter.

Vim Keybindings

We’ve heard you all loud and clear. Yes, you can now edit commands with Vim keybindings in Warp 🎉 You can enable this feature in the Command Palette (CMD - P).

Input at the Top

Another highly requested feature is our new input position settings, which gives you the option to configure the input to start at the top. This is a delightful win for ergonomics, as you can now keep the command line at eye level. (Maybe we should add a page to our How We Work titled How We Sit.)

Bonus: if you’re feeling ~risky~, feel free to try Reverse Mode, which always stacks the input on top!

Warpified Subshells

When you’re in a subshell, we don’t want you to lose the magic of Warp – so we’ve added the ability to Warpify your bash, zsh, or fish subshell. You can also add your own custom list of bash/zsh/fish commands.

Bonus: with the new Warp extension for Docker, you can open your Docker container in a Warpified subshell.

Synced Inputs

Warp’s Synced Inputs allow you to sync your commands from one session to multiple panes as you’re typing, so you can easily run the same command in multiple sessions at the same time.

Markdown Viewer

Why should your README experience be separate from the terminal? With Warp’s new Markdown Viewer, your markdown files can happily live right next to your command line! All commands in your files will be rendered as interactive code blocks, and with a simple click (or CMD - Enter) the commands will be executed directly in the terminal.

Secret Redaction

Scared of accidentally leaking sensitive information when you’re screen-sharing a demo or working in a public location? 

Warp has added secret redaction, so private information (e.g. API keys, passwords, IP addresses) will be hidden as you’re working and removed entirely when blocks are shared. You can enable this feature in the Command Palette (CMD - P).

Create Theme From Image

During our “Why Not?” hack week, we asked ourselves: why not create themes from images within the Warp app? Now you can personalize your Warp experience further by uploading an image to generate a custom theme.

Now even your terminal can be in the Spiderverse

Warp Prompt Builder

With Warp’s new drag-and-drop prompt builder, you can now customize your prompt to add the relevant pieces of metadata of your choice: your directory, Git branch, Kube context, date, time, and so on. And, if you’d rather use PS1, Warp supports p10K as well.

Raycast Extension

For any Raycast fans out there, you can now open Warp tabs/windows and launch configurations from Raycast! Install the extension from their marketplace: https://www.raycast.com/warpdotdev/warp

Looking ahead for 2024…

Warp has a BIG year planned in 2024 – here are a couple sneak previews of what’s coming:

  • Warp is arriving on Linux at last! Join the waitlist 
  • More collaborative features are coming to Warp Drive, including Notebooks, a new way to save your workflows as interactive runbooks

Keep sending us feedback through our GitHub. We’re excited for what 2024 has in store! 

Try it for yourself

If you’re not already using Warp as your daily driver, download the latest version and give these new features a try today.