New Agent Mode in Warp AI is available today
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Unlock more AI requests on Warp’s Pro plan

Alongside the release of Agent Mode in Warp AI, there is also a new Pro plan subscription available!

Warp’s Pro plan is ideal for engineers who rely on AI assistance in their development workflows. You can use the plan as an individual or invite two more team members to collaborate with you. This paid plan also includes access to private email support with Warp’s support engineering team.

Warp AI: Free usage vs. advanced usage

Every Warp account comes with access to Warp AI which includes:

  • Agent Mode — Work through multi-step developer workflows with an integrated AI agent
  • AI Command Suggestions (#) — Quickly look up commands using natural language
  • Autofill for workflows in Warp Drive — Let Warp AI name and describe workflows you save

Each of these features incurs Warp AI requests which reset on a monthly cycle.

If you start a conversation with Agent Mode, each AI query you send will count as a request. You can use Agent Mode to talk through complex multi-step workflows, and you may use many requests as you work through an issue from start to finish.

The benefit of using Agent Mode in Warp over a standalone AI chatbot is that Agent Mode can make suggestions that are highly tailored to your development environment. Instead of writing more detailed prompts, you can attach context directly from your terminal session. If it needs more information, it will ask for your permission to run commands and you can give it approval.

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If you use `#` for AI Command Suggestions, Warp AI will lookup the command as you’re typing and you may incur a number of requests as suggestions stream in.

AI Command Suggestions may return multiple results as you type.

Warp’s Free plan includes enough AI requests to get a sense for how these features work. But if you’re using Warp AI to learn new technologies or guide you through debugging, you’ll run through the free allotment of AI requests quickly.

Higher AI requests on Pro and Team plans

When you upgrade to a Pro plan, your AI request allocation will immediately increase from 40 to 500 and this will reset on a monthly cycle. If you need even more AI requests, you can upgrade to a Team plan for 750 AI requests.

You do not need to have a team of collaborators in order to subscribe to Warp’s Team plan. However, upgrading to this plan will give you access to a number of features that are designed for team-wide productivity like real-time session sharing and higher limits for shared content in your Team Warp Drive.

Bring your own LLM on Warp’s Enterprise plan

One of the most frequently asked questions about Warp’s self-service plans is, “Can I bring my own LLM?”

At the moment, the option to bring your own LLM or use your own API key is only available on Warp’s Enterprise plan.

Companies using Warp for work may have strict requirements about which AI models their teams are allowed to use. For customers on the Enterprise plan, the Warp product team can work closely with users to ensure quality and performance of Warp AI using these alternative models. Contact us directly to learn more.

Get answers to more plan and pricing related questions in the Warp docs.

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