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Warp AI

AI, at your command

For the first time, AI is fully integrated with your terminal so you always know which command to run next.
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Get unblocked without leaving your command line

How do I fix this error?

Right-click and ‘Ask Warp AI’ to explain any error in your command output. Warp AI can demystify opaque error messages and identify missing dependencies. No need to copy/paste your error code into Stack Overflow.
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Call on Warp AI from any part of your terminal

Way more than a ChatGPT bolt-on or an isolated CLI tool, Warp AI is fully integrated throughout the terminal interface to save you time wherever you’re working.
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“Warp is my terminal of choice and it’s great for AI-generated commands. I’m using it 10× per day.”
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Your data stays between you and the AI

Warp does not allow OpenAI to use your data for model training.
Our “hands off” approach also means your terminal input and output data is never stored on Warp servers. Any data you enter for Warp AI interactions, including AI command suggestions, gets passed directly to OpenAI APIs without Warp interference.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Warp AI cost?

Warp AI is free to use up to 40 requests per user per month. You can create a Team and upgrade to a Team plan to unlock higher Warp AI request limits. Visit to learn more.

Does OpenAI use my data to train their models?

No, Warp does not allow OpenAI to train their models on your data. Regardless of which Warp plan you are on, your data is never used for training, even on the Free plan. Warp uses OpenAI’s API platform and OpenAI does not train on data from their API platform.

What does Warp AI's Zero Data Retention policy mean on the Enterprise plan?

Instead of OpenAI's default policy of retaining data for 30 days for trust and security reasons, OpenAI will not retain any data for any period of time for users on Warp Enterprise. Your data is never used for training OpenAI's models, even on the Free and Team plans.

Experience the power of Warp

  • Write with an IDE-style editor
  • Easily navigate through output
  • Save commands to reuse later
  • Ask Warp AI to explain or debug
  • Customize keybindings and launch configs
  • Pick from preloaded themes or design your own
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