AI, at your command

For the first time, AI is fully integrated with your terminal so you always know which command to run next.

Available for free preview now.

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Get unstuck without leaving
the comfort of your command line

Debug errors

When terminal output includes an error, you can ask Warp AI to investigate and debug for you. Once engaged, Warp AI can recognize errors and prompt you to ask, "How do I fix this?"

Look up forgotten commands

With AI Command Search, use natural language to look up commands directly from your terminal. Reduce how often you need to visit Google or Stack Overflow for reminders.

Ask Warp AI

Ask Warp AI how to approach a programming problem or walk through a setup, step by step.
Run suggested commands with the click of a button. No copy / paste required.


Command Prediction

Using a local-first Bayesian model, Warp can learn from your past commands
and suggest your next move as a "zero state" suggestion before you even enter the first character.

Your data stays between you and the AI.

Warp’s “hands off” approach means your terminal input and output data is never stored on Warp servers.

Local AI

Your data for AI-powered Command Prediction stays local to your machine. Warp never reads or stores this data.

Cloud-based AI

Any data you enter for Warp AI interactions, including AI Command Search, gets passed directly to OpenAI APIs without Warp interference. Warp has configured the integration such that OpenAI will not use your data for model training.

Learn more about privacy at Warp.


How much does Warp AI cost?

Warp AI is free to use during the beta period and includes a limit of 100 requests per user per day. In the future, Warp AI features will be limited on a Free plan with more generous usage limits on paid plan tiers. Please enjoy using Warp AI now while it’s totally free to try!

Experience the power of Warp

  • Write with an IDE-style editor
  • Easily navigate through output
  • Save commands to reuse later
  • Ask Warp AI to explain or debug
  • Customize keybindings and launch configs
  • Pick from preloaded themes or design your own