Your privacy
while using Warp

At Warp, we’re building a completely new way to use the command line. This new way entails cloud-based features and opportunities for team collaboration.

Because Warp works differently from classic terminal tools, we would like to share how we protect your privacy as you’re using the app.


Warp’s app telemetry is optional and you can opt out at any time.

You can disable analytics and crash reporting during your sign up process before using Warp. If you’re already using Warp, you can disable telemetry under Settings > Privacy.


Warp never collects your input or output data.

Your terminal is a sensitive environment. Warp’s telemetry never includes keystrokes or data from the console. You can use the network log tool to inspect all payloads.


Warp never sells your data to third parties.

If you decide to use Warp — on a free or paid plan — that stays between you and us. We do not monetize user data or exchange it with partners.

Our philosophy is complete transparency and
control of any data leaving your machine.

This page outlines details you need to know in human-readable language.  A more formal "legalese" version of Warp's privacy policy is available to view here.

Experience the power of Warp

  • Write with an IDE-style editor
  • Easily navigate through output
  • Save commands to reuse later
  • Ask Warp AI to explain or debug
  • Customize keybindings and launch configs
  • Pick from preloaded themes or design your own