Free preview extended for Warp AI and Warp Drive for teams

If you’re currently using Warp AI or Warp Drive with a team, here’s some good news for you: the free preview is being extended!

This blog post explains why the free preview is being extended and what you can expect next.

TL;DR – Our new self-service billing system is taking longer to build than we originally anticipated.

What’s the free preview and why is Warp extending it?

This year, Warp introduced two major new features that transform the way we work in the command line terminal: Warp AI and Warp Drive.

Warp AI has been in free preview since it launched in March of this year, with a temporary limit of 100 requests per day. Thousands of developers are using Warp AI to generate command suggestions or chat through complex setups.

Warp Drive for team collaboration has been in free preview since it launched in June of this year. Developers have been loving the Warp Drive for personal use and for sharing workflows.

Alongside the June launch of Warp Drive, we also shipped an in-app notice advertising the free preview would run through October 2023.

At the time, we were optimistic we’d get our self-service billing system stood up quickly and October felt very far away.

The truth is: we got busy building some new features for Warp and the billing system isn’t going to be ready until later this year.

Logistically, this means: if you were expecting to need to be prepared to pay for Warp—either for additional AI requests or based on the number of members on your Warp team—you no longer need to make preparations for billing this month.

Your Warp service will continue as expected and no action is required on your part at this time.

What you can expect next

Once the new self-service billing system is live, you will receive an email notice from Warp with a generous window of time to consider whether you’d like to stay on Warp’s Free plan or move to a paid Team plan. We’re excited to make this convenient billing option available for teams who want to grow on Warp without even talking to a human about it.

Meanwhile, if your team has unique business or security requirements, Warp for Enterprise might make sense for your group. You can reach out to kick off a conversation and we’ll partner with you to develop the right plan for your team.

Should you have any other questions about plans or pricing that aren’t addressed here, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at and we’ll get back to you with more details.
In the meantime, please continue to take advantage of Warp AI and invite your teams to collaborate on the command line with Warp Drive! We appreciate you trying out Warp and sharing your feedback with us while we work.