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Fast Company includes Warp on the Most Innovative Companies List 2024

Today Fast Company announced their World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2024 list, one of its most anticipated editorial efforts of the year. 

Warp was included on the list (#10) of Most Innovative Companies for 2024 in the Enterprise sector, a category recognizing innovation from companies serving other businesses.

Fast Company recognized Warp for “modernizing the command line, a vital computing tool that has seen few updates in decades despite being essential for many developers and IT workers to do their jobs.”

Check out the full list and the write-up on Warp

Milestone innovations for the terminal

Some of the milestone innovations that have led us to this moment include:

  • Shipping a modern, IDE-like input editor for the terminal, allowing developers to use their mouse and cursor on the command line
  • Originating the concept of Blocks in the terminal, so input and and output is grouped together logically, unlocking easier navigation and accessibility
  • Launching Warp AI, an intelligent collaborator built into the terminal, that can make command suggestions or walk developers through complex programming workflows
  • Introducing team collaboration to the terminal for the first time with Warp Drive, a cloud-synced workspace where teams can share documentation and workflows that stay up-to-date in real-time

Collectively, these innovations improve the experience for developers working in the terminal and they improve productivity. In a recent survey of engineers using Warp, 60% of respondents reportedly saved more than an hour of time each week.

Driving collaboration forward

In the coming weeks, we’ll be working to expand what’s possible for collaboration in and around the terminal.

Imagine if you could:

  • Update a reusable terminal workflow in one place and have it automatically update in all the interactive documentation and runbooks shared across your team
  • Ask Warp AI to interpret and correct errors for you, even run commands on your behalf
  • Invite engineers on your team to view or take over remote control of your terminal sessions without needing to share your screen over Zoom

Today, Warp’s reimagined terminal is available for MacOS and Linux. This year we’ll be pushing to release Warp for Windows, so that operating systems are never a barrier for teams that want to collaborate together on the command line.

Innovation for your engineering team

If you’re curious how a collaborative terminal might unlock innovation and developer productivity for your team, we’d love to talk with you. 

We are actively seeking conversations with engineering leaders so we can understand opportunities to improve development workflows together. 

Contact us to kick off a conversation today or follow Warp on LinkedIn for company updates.