Warp’s Team plan for developer productivity is available today

Starting today, you may now subscribe to Warp’s Team plan! Warp’s Team plan is designed to serve professional engineering teams who want to improve developer productivity by streamlining workflows and collaborating on the command line. 

We’re excited to make this subscription available.

Log into Warp and create a Team to subscribe today.

What’s included in the Team plan

Warp’s Team plan comes with the following features:

  • Shared Warp Drive with unlimited Notebooks and Workflows for your team
  • Higher limits for Warp AI compared to the Free plan
  • Real-time Session Sharing, in Beta and available upon request
  • Everything in Warp’s Free plan including modern text editing, command completions, secret redaction, and offline features you’d expect from any terminal application
  • Private email support with Warp’s support engineering team

The Team plan is billed at $25 per member per month when you pay month-to-month and $22 per member per month when you subscribe annually.

If you have unique security requirements or want to bring your own LLM, Warp also has customized Enterprise plans available. Contact the Warp team to learn more.

New Session Sharing on Warp's Team plan

New Session Sharing on the Team plan

Warp's Team plan includes early access to real-time Session Sharing. 

Think back to the last time you were working on a computer at an office and you got stuck with an error on the command line. Maybe you waved down a more experienced engineer to come assist you. Maybe you even scooted your chair over and handed them your keyboard so they could take over.

Session Sharing gives you that same experience of real-time pair programming in the terminal, except it works remotely, from anywhere.

Now, if you’re in a Zoom call or a screenshare and you want to pass your command line controls to a peer, you can send them a direct link to your Warp session. Collaborators can view your session, request access to edit, make suggestions, or even drop their cursor next to yours.

This kind of real-time editing has been available in work tools like Google Docs and Figma for years. Now it’s coming to your terminal.

When you’re ready to try Session Sharing with your team, subscribe to a Team plan and look out for an email from the Warp product team about early access to this feature. Once you confirm you’d like to have this feature enabled, we'll flag this on for your team's account.

Session Sharing is in a limited Beta for Team plan subscribers.

Changes to Warp AI request limits

Warp AI includes “Ask Warp AI” chat and AI Command Suggestions. It has been available in free preview since its launch in March 2023.

Today the free preview for Warp AI has ended and the limits have been adjusted for Free and Team plan tiers.

The new limits for Warp AI will be:

  • 200 requests per member per month on the Team plan
  • 40 requests per member per month on the Free plan

The changes align with some exciting updates planned for Warp AI in coming weeks, and they will allow us to continue to offer Warp AI to developers using Warp’s free plan. 

If you have been an early adopter of Warp AI during the free preview, you will notice the request limits are now adjusted. You may hit your daily usage limit faster than you experienced during the free preview. Even if you’re not ready to start collaborating with a Team, you may wish to upgrade to a Team plan to unlock higher request limits for your personal usage.

Learn how to upgrade your AI requests.

Changes to Warp Drive object limits

Warp Drive is a cloud-enabled space in your terminal where you can create reusable Workflows and interactive Notebooks. Warp Drive for teams allows you to share those workflows and notebooks with your teammates who have access to your shared Warp Drive. Warp Drive for teams has been available in free preview since its launch in June 2023.

Today the free preview for Warp Drive for teams has ended. You will notice there are some new object limits for shared content in Team drives.

On a Free plan, you may have up to 10 shared workflows and three shared notebooks. 

If you currently have more than the allowed limits for the Free plan, you are not obligated to upgrade or reduce your object count today. Existing workflows and notebooks will continue to be available to run, reference, and edit.

You will be prompted to upgrade the next time you take action to share an additional workflow or notebook with your team through the shared Team drive.

There are no limits on the number of workflows or notebooks you can create in your Personal drive for individual use.

Learn more about Warp Drive.

Try Warp’s Team plan today

Hundreds of thousands of developers have switched to Warp as their daily driver. In a recent survey, we learned developers are saving hours every week with AI, reusable workflows, and tools for collaboration.

When teams use Warp together, there’s a multiplier effect. Junior devs feel more like power users. Power users get more done, faster. And everybody has access to the right documentation they need to deliver great software.

Give Warp’s Team plan a try today and let us know what you think. We can’t wait to learn how your team uses Warp together!